Great Heels Equal Long Legs!!!

January 2nd, 2012

We are going to skip the most obvious way to make your legs look longer by wearing a longer heel and focus on 3 key points that most women might not know. The color, type of toe and ankle straps or detailing can all play a large part in how long your legs appear. Since long legs can be very attractive let’s try and use every trick we can!


  1. Consider the color of the shoe. Every time our outfit has a transition to a new color it creates a visual break which can tend to make things appear shorter. For example wearing dark blue shoes that cover your ankles will create a line above your ankle which will make your leg appear shorter. But “I love those blue booties” you say? No worries just try and find some matching blue leggings to wear with them, that way the color will be the same from your toes up to where your skirt or dress start which will help create the illusion of longer legs. If you prefer to go without tights or leggings choose nude color ahoe.
  2. Since we are trying to create the look of longer legs you must go with a pointed toe on your shoes. It will also help if you can find a pair that you like with an open top as this makes it appear that your leg starts lower down creating a longer appearance. Avoid rounded or square toes as this unfortunately has the opposite effect and could make your legs look stubby. It’s possible that you could make an open toe work for you but by sure to test them out in the mirror before heading out.
  3. Look for nice straps and detailing. As for straps across the ankle they should be avoided at all cost! They draw a visual break high up on the ankle and will definitely make your leg appear shorter. Also, bows, gems, feathers etc… anything else that creates a bulky look on the shoe should avoided as this will make the shoe look larger and make your legs appear shorter. Go for sleek lines and try to adopt the “less is more” philosophy when picking shoes out that will help make your legs look longer.

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